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The protagonists of taste

Historians say that Baone - a village close to Monselice - takes its name from the rituals of worship that in the Roman era (VIII century BC) were held here in honor of Bacchus, the god of wine. Obviously a good calling card for an area with a high wine vocation. read more...
Filò delle Vigne
Urbano Salvan il Pigozzo

the wine is poetry that comes from nature

Calvarino Soave Classico
59,00 €

The protagonists of taste

Cantina Cecchetto

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The wines of veneto&sapori

Cabernet D.o.c. Lison Pramaggiore

Cabernet D.o.c. Lison Pramaggiore senza solfiti aggiunti
10,00 €

It’s a wine with a strong charactere and a great personality, it has a deep ruby red colour with garnet hues, elegant, winy.
With delightful notes of vacilla, due to the balanced mallowing in oaken barrels.

Serprino Colli Euganei Spumante

Vigna Roda Serprino Spumante
10,50 €

The wine has clear pale yellow colour with greenish glares. Its fragrance is delicate, with hints of golden apple, pineapple and banana. Palatably vivid, soft, tasty with a good persistence.

Pratàlea colli euganei doc rosso

Abbazia di Praglia Pratàlea colli euganei doc merlot
12,50 €

A red wine to accompany meals that is easy-drinking but encapsulates over a year of our meticulous work.
Forthright and well-defined, it offers a nice balance of contrsting fruity ad spicy notes.

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